Responding to a break in

If you follow Bearwood Chapel’s Facebook page or get our weekly e-bulletin, then you will know that we recently suffered a break in. I just wanted to share a few personal reflections here.

1. I’m sad because if someone has a genuine need then we will do what we can to help. You just have to ask. We may not be able to give what you want and that may not always be what is right for you but our aim is always to be generous with our time and our resources.

2. Yes I am angry at sin. As is often the case with a break in, the sense is not so much at material loss but at the sense of violation that quite a few people have felt. The chapel provides a safe space for often vulnerable people, often frightened people who have suffered so much already and their natural reaction is to feel that this safe space has been invaded.  Just to reassure you, the chapel remains a safe place.

3. I am frustrated because for us, the big issue was not material/ financial loss but the disruption caused to what we are here for, to share the love of Jesus and bring good news.

4.  My heart is warmed by the reaction of others who have expressed concern and offered help. It is so much appreciated.

5. I am encouraged because although the distraction of a break in is frustrating, actually it is wonderful to know that the dominant emotion from the church family is the same frustration at disruption to Gospel work and even more encouraging is that sense that these things may disrupt and frustrate but they cannot in fact hinder the work of the Gospel because God is sovereign. What did we do this week? We got on with gatherings and clubs, ESOL classes and Bible Studies. We kept on with the Gospel.

6. I am drawn to John 10:10 where Jesus says “The thief comes to steal and destroy. I have come that they might have life and have it to the full.” Don’t worry about those who come to take your material possessions, watch out for the one who comes to steal from you spiritually. Don’t find security in burglar alarms and CCTV find it in the one who gives eternal life and promisez not to lose any that have been given to him.