What about … (2 practical ideas for supporting urban mission)

There has been some talk recently about how we encourage mission to needy urban areas. Here are two simple ideas. One for churches and one for individuals.

  1. Who will you pay next?

So you are a medium to large sized church and your in a position to appoint and pay another staff worker – let’s assume you already have two members of staff.  What if as a church you agreed that the next person you would pay would be a worker in a church context where they would not be able to be paid otherwise?

This might mean that you

  • Send someone out to plant a church on an estate or in an inner city area (we would love to help train and equip them for this).
  • Identify another local church where there is real gospel life but because of economic circumstances the congregation cannot raise the funds to pay a pastor – or possibly an additional worker to support growing gospel work.  Agree to partner with them but be very clear from the off that this will be missions support and not a take over (interdependence not dependence).

2. Who is your next book purchase for?

Do you know someone who is starting out in church planting or pastoral ministry in an urban context?  We’ve suggested, here, what a good starter library might look like for an urban planter.

What about the next time you are browsing in your local Christian bookshop or online at 10ofThose or the Good Book Company, you buy them a book that they need towards building up that library.

These are two simple ways of supporting a vital and exciting area of Gospel mission.  I’m sure you can think of more!