6 more ways you can help and encourage urban mission

I’ve recently shared two articles about how churches and individuals can partner with and support urban mission in the UK.

The latest article talks about how we have been trying to encourage urban mission and church planting in our area and the previous puts forward two suggestions, one for churches and one for individuals.  The idea for “individuals” is something anyone could start doing now. The idea for churches is something that many of us might find a little beyond us at the moment.  So here are some further small step ideas.

Really this is all about recovering the practice of “Home Missions”

1.       Churches – when you are allocating your mission budget, consider setting aside a proportion for UK urban mission. There are lots of local churches up and down the country seeing day to day contact with the urban poor, with Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, with people from a wide variety of countries around the World.  They are seeing people sitting down to read the Bible with them and ask questions, they are hearing people profess faith in Christ, they are celebrating baptisms. You will be giving knowing that your gift goes straight to the front-line and is supporting fruitful Gospel work.

2.       Individuals, just as reading missionary biographies is a great way to whet your appetite for world mission, so picking up Church in Hard Places by Mez McConnell or Reaching the Unreached by Tim Chester will open your eyes to a great need and what God is doing in his urban harvest field

3.       Small Groups, would you adopt a church or a work and pray for it regularly?  Consider places like

Oldham Bethel:  https://www.oldhambethelchurch.org.uk/

Beacon Community Church, Bradford: http://www.beaconcommunitychurch.org.uk/

20 Schemes: https://20schemes.com/uk/the-schemes/

New Life, Roehampton: http://www.newlifelondon.com

You can find out about how to pray for us by signing up for our mailing list: http://bearwoodchapel.us13.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=573d47f938894652832686f6d&id=ce8d7c9771

4.       Christian Magazines and Newspapers – I like the way that Evangelicals Now dedicates at least a page each month to world mission. They also have a monthly article on the state of Anglicanism. What if you were to run a page each month looking at what is happening in urban Britain?

5.       Christian conferences – how many of your speakers are active in urban pastoral ministry?

6.       National Christian Leaders – can we please completely get rid of the horrendous ideology and supporting language based in the Iwerne Camp philosophy that we need to strategically reach the people that the world considers important and powerful.  It is not that we shouldn’t be reaching these people, it’s not that we don’t love student and graduate mission but we are not called to pick winners. We are called to preach the Gospel. Alongside this, we need the culture to change so that urban mission is not seen as being for the 1 or 2 tolerated mavericks.  


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