Another way to help the urban church – use your retirement

Are you planning for your retirement? What does that retirement look like. For some people it will mean staying put and increased opportunities to serve in their home church. For others, the dream may be of a move to somewhere new to enjoy a well earned change of scenery. Some may even be looking at a place in  a retirement village.

A little while back I wrote about how and why students could consider joining an estate or inner city church but what about retirees? Maybe that new found free time could be given to a new gospel venture?

You will have time, energy, experience and love to give. Those things will be well received in churches where people are constantly stretched by the size of the task. You’l find single mum’ who will welcome having an adopted parent to encourage them and kids dislocated from their own extended family who will take quickl to a surrogate grandparent. If you came here, you might find yourself running a community cafe or helping with ESOL classes.

So, here are three types of retiree who could have something to offer.

1. Someone who is retiring from secular work and wants to use their retirement to serve. You may well find that you can move into a reasonably sized place and still have money to spare from the sale of your old house. You will be freeing up resources to invest in kingdom  work. Maybe you could take the time to study for the Union  GDip or with MMTC?

2. Retired Missionaries. A number of people have commented on the benefits of someone coming with experience of cross cultural mission. If you have language skills in Spanish, Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic, or  variety of European languages, then give us a call.

3. Retired pastors. Have you seen Thom Trainer’s recent blog on baby boomer pastors using their 3rd quarter well. You could go and be a support in a growing local church where they desperately need an additional worker but are unlikely to be able to raise the income. You could become a key member of a church planting team.  Here in Bearwood you might find yourself helping train pioneer planters in preaching, counselling and an area of theology where you have a particular interest.

As John Piper would put it, don’t waste your retirement. Use it to the glory of God and the encourageent of others.