Show me the way to go home (John 14:1-14) #HomeFor Christmas

Sermon notes from Nueva Vida (Saturday)


Worried that your faith will fail?

–          Persecution

–          Life’s difficulties (work, family, health)

–          Imperfect church

Context – Last Supper. Jesus is going to his death and his disciples are about to fail badly


What will keep your faith going?

  1. Trust in Christ’s Word and his promise (v1-4)


  1. A command to believe (v1)


  1. A new home (v2-3)

– #HomeForChristmas Christ came and made his home with us so that we could go to his home.

-A house with many mansions (Eastern palace complex) – spacious.  God’s grace means enough room for all who respond to the Gospel.

2 examples … airlines overbook …. Or wedding parties where you’re hoping some guests will decline. If we think like that then we expect God to find a reason to cull us from the list but that is not what he is like

–          Jesus preparing the way


  1. You know the way (v4)

Important – we have God’s Word in Scripture -this is where we hear and know his promises.

Promises he has kept true?

–           start with Scripture -and the fulfilment of prophecy

–          Then think about God’s faithfulness and care for you in the past.


  1. Cultivate your relationship with God through Christ (v 5-11)

Two requests/challenges

  1. We don’t know the way (Thomas) (v5)

–          Jesus’ response = “Yes you do – I am the way”

–          Uniqueness … not through my works, not through any other religion

–          The way is through his death and resurrection

  1. Show us the Father (Philip) (v8)

Seeing Jesus = seeing the Father because

–          The Father and the Son indwell each other. Close relationship.

“Where one member of the Trinity is present, all are present”

Means if we have the Holy Spirit then we know the Father and Christ too.

Actually it is only through knowing Jesus as Son that we can discover that God is Father.


–          They share in the same work

The point is that we know God through Christ. We do have a living relationship. We know God as Father. We are part of the family

Example – We have visitors this weekend – Sarah’s mum and sister. It’s because they are family hat they are welcome to stay.

This means that if we want our faith to grow. If we want assurance of eternal life -then it is our relationship with Christ that matters. Don’t neglect it. Don’t allow other things to become idols that get in the way.

Idols – anything I worry about, fear, trust in so it becomes the priority instead of Jesus

  1. Be busy about Gospel business (v12-14)

An old proverb “The devil finds work for idle hands to do.”

Arguments and fall outs in church

Temptation (e.g. David and Bathsheba)  – when we are distracted from the work of the Gospel.

Jesus talks about Greater works – what does he mean?

Some people think it means even more spectacular miracles but Jesus walks on water, multiples food, turns water into wine, heals the sick, raises the dead.  What is more spectacular?

John’s Gospel has already been telling us (remember ch 5:20-21).  His work is to bring life. The miracles are just a foretaste

The greater work is possible because Jesus died and rose again. The greater work is sharing the good news about eternal life.

Question am I involved in that work?

–          This means thinking about my whole life as witness. Do friends at work and neighbours see a difference?

–          Do I talk to people about Jesus?

Next Steps

  1. Do you know God as Father through the Son? – opportunity to pray
  2. Next steps – growing in relationship with Christ – Bible study Groups, Dig Deeper …
  3. Gospel work
  4. An example in the workplace
  5. 1-1 Conversations