Come Train with us

Are you thinking about training for Gospel Ministry? Could it be that you are called to church planting in urban Britain?

We are looking for people to train with us as ActBC Trainees from next September

Your training will include

          Theological Training via either our Union Learning Community or the Midlands Ministry Training Course.

          Opportunity to gain practical on the job experience in either an inner city/multi-ethnic or council estate type context

          Mentoring with opportunity to talk through your experiences and learning and pray with someone.

We are looking for people who:

-First and foremost – love the Lord and want to see his name glorified

-Have a love and concern for others, especially for the vulnerable and the outcasts in our society

-Have been recognised as having the gift of teaching God’s Word by the current church

-Are seen to have the qualities of either an elder or deacon as described in 1 Timothy.

If that’s you:

1.       Talk with your home church elders

2.       Get in touch either via our contact form or with Dave on 07791 622122

You can find out more about ActBC here

Please note that trainees will be expected to raise their own financial support including the cost of tuition fees with either Union or MMTC.