The Goldilocks Zone

goldilocks zoneAs you will know, it is just under one year ago since Mike Ovey, Principal at Oak Hill died suddenly.  Mike was principal whilst I was at Oak Hill, He had such an influence on my own theological formation but like so many people have commented, Sarah and I were also indebted to his love, care and kindness to us. So I’m really encouraged to see that Chris Green is bringing out an edited collection of his writings.A more detailed review of the book is available  here but in the mean time I wish to strongly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in knowing God’s Word and God’s World better.

Mike was a brilliant communicator of Gospel truth and this shines through in the volume. He also had a sharp analytical mind with the ability to pull apart false, crooked and woolly thinking, lovingly but firmly. You will also see  a model of true academic gifting, the ability to take complex issues and explain them simply.

This is a book for you if you love history, literature, philosophy and culture. Prepare to meet Alice in Wonderland, The Lion King, John Milton, various characters from Shakespeare and Mr Darcey from Pride and Prejudice.

This is a timely book to help those wanting to understand a messy, chaotic and at times tyrannical and bullying world. This is a book that speaks to a church that at times is in danger of turning in on itself and losing its way.

The book will help you to think carefully but it will also encourage you towards humility as Mike shows us that true knowledge of God is possible, guarding against cynical scepticism whilst at the same time, we do not possess exhaustive knowledge, guarding against intellectual arrogance.  Mike warns against the danger of 21st century idols and the risk that we both make gods in our image and become like our gods.  You will be encouraged to know, love and put your trust in the God we can call Father as we know him through the Son.


Whilst many people who knew Mike and benefited from his teaching will wish to pick up this book as a reminder of his ministry, I believe that it will go on to be an essential  part of any theological student or pastor’s library.



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