TrainBC – training for Urban Gospel ministry

I’ve been talking about how we identify, train and support urban pastors and planters. Now across the UK there are opportunities to put into practice what has been said here about the benefits of church and community based ministry including with 20 Schemes in Scotland, Pioneers with London City Mission or Urban Ministry training with Duncan Forbes.

Here in the Midlands, you could come and join us as an ActBC trainee. This would include

1. Rigerous study as we will encourage you to grow in your knowledge of Scripture through being part of a church where God’s Word is taken seriously. This would include the opportunity to join in our Sunday Night Church Dig Deeper studies. You would also be given guided reading through to gain a depth of insight into Apologetics, Systematic Theology, Pastoral Counselling, Leadership and Strategic Thinking.  You would also be encouraged to study further through either the Union Learning Community, Midlands Training Course or similar.

2.  Support through mentorship and being part of a community of learners and practioners . This will include opportunity to join a church planters hub for peer support.

3. Opportunity to put what you are learning into practice. You will be given the opportunity to teach God’s Word 1-1 and in groups of different sizes. You would also be invited to join a ministry team to gain experience in a specific area. Most importantly, we would encourage you to find somewhere to live in a local community and to begin to build relationships and witness to your neighbours with the prayer that a Gospel community will begin to grow.

There is no charge for coming to train with us, however, you will need to raise your own living costs and there are course fees for Union and the MMTC should you wish to pursue either of these options.

To find out more, check out our TrainBC page and then get in touch.