Replacing one evil with another

Jesus tells the story of a demon possessed man who has the demon cast out. The demon goes away but later returns with seven more demons and finds the man’s heart like a clean and tidy house. He moves back in and the man’s life is worse than before. It’ a warning to those who just try to legalistically stop doing wrong things without receiving the gift of Christ.

I was reminded of this watching the cricket on telly with my father and law. Not so long ago, adverts for cigarettes were ubiquitous at sports events. Then the government legislated to ban them because smoking is bad for your health.

So what has replaced those terrible adverts? Today you can’ watch a football game or heat match on TV without being bombarded with gambling adverts. You can’ simply enjoy the game without putting money on who will score the first goal, reach 100 runs, get the most tries, win.

Smoking is harmful because it is addictive and destructive to your health. Gambling is harmful because it is addictive, it is destructive causing poverty and destroying families. We have replaced one evil with another.