Faithroots Live 2018 onwards

One of our aims when setting up Faithroots was to help provide additional training and teaching to help Christians wanting to engage in Urban Mission. As well as the online hub, we’ve also offered Faithroots Live workshops over the past couple of years. Up until the summer we ran these weekly on Mondays.

Our aim in 2018 is to make Faithroots Live more accessible by offering these workshops on 4 Saturdays throughout the year. The Workshops will be based around 5 key themes

How Do you Know?

Who is God?

How did we get here?

Being Human

How does the Mess get sorted out?

The aim is to show a close link between what we believe (Doctrine) and how we live (pastoral).  The Workshops will be a key part of your training if you join #TrainBC but we also want them to be open to others involved in Gospel work in the Midlands – especially those with a passion for urban mission.

The planned schedule for 2018 is

March 10th “How do you know?”

May 19th  “Who is God?” – Part 1

September 8th  “Who is God?” Part 2

November 10th  “How did we get here?”