You’ve got me there (Sorry seems to be the hardest word)

One of the reasons why I think the Jordan Peterson interview is not the all out unmitigated disaster for Cathy Newman that a few people think it is, is the point where she says “You’ve got me there…” I think that statement actually puts her and her approach into a whole new light.

It is rare that we hear someone saying “You’ve got me there.” We’ve had a little bit of that from Tim Farron. However, I wonder, when was the last time that one of us said “Ah you’ve got me there…” The thing I said was wrong or inaccurate.  I will go back and do something about it.

I’m not always good at it. I argue my point as passionately and persistently as anyone. However, I do think it is a vital principle for fallible Christian pastors and bloggers.

It means that when someone challenges me about something I’ve written I go back and look to see if their criticism is fair and I try to amend it. So for example I’ve made some changes to this article following feedback where one reader wasn’t sure if I’d accurately represented what had been said.

It means that when I get something wrong as a pastor I try to acknowledge it. 

Now that doesn’t mean that we’ve got it completely wrong and everything we’ve said and done is invalidated I still stand by my argument in the amended article and not everyone will like that or agree with me. However, where we recognise that we got it wrong, we should say so and change it. So I changed the article. A

You know, if we believe in grace, then Elton John should be wrong. “Sorry” should not seem “to be the hardest word.”