Two Trees

Here’s a further thought about the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve are in the Garden, they are told they can eat from any of the trees except the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

There were two trees at the centre of the Garden. The other was the Tree of Life.  The first humans were not forbidden from eating from this tree.

Satan’s temptation in Eden is to choose the Tree that gives knowledge of evil. He says that if you do that, you will be like God. The thing is that:

          They have been made in God’s image suggesting they already have some likeness to him.

          They have access to the Tree of Life, and so to eternal life – with God forever

They already possess the appropriate likeness and benefits. They choose to give up this access to eternal life in exchange for knowing evil. How sad.

Yet, in life, there is always pressure on us to choose death instead of life. At root, this is always the issue with sin, hence the invitation for the people of Israel in Deuteronomy to choose the blessings of Life under God’s rule instead of the curse of death that comes with disobedience.

Now, here’s a further link to make. Last week, whilst teaching a group, the question came up “Will the tree of life be physically present in the New Creation – or is it just picture language?” We talked a little about the picture language of Revelation and also about how the trees were never magical so we do not need to hunt around until we find the magic tree when we get to glory. However, there is nothing to stop God from putting a symbolic tree in place as a constant reminder of the life we have. However, he does not need to do this. Why? Well because we can see the Bible pointing to someone who is the tree of life. Jesus is the one who offers life if we abide in him. He is the tree/vine and we are the branches. We don’t need a reminder tree because we have the true tree of life to which the one in the Garden pointed.

If the tree of life in the Garden represented Christ and if death will be represented to Adam and Eve by being cut off from that tree, then to prefer The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is to prefer their autonomous knowledge and decision making to the life that comes from Christ. Adam and Eve’s sin was a rejection of The Son.