Extremism in education – or why people in glass houses should not throw stones

Here’s an interesting little news report


Notice how Amanda Speilman is very quick to denounce the more conservative elements within religion for pursuing their own narrow agenda. She then goes on to insist that educators must be “promoting a muscular liberalism.”

Now, last I checked, Liberalism is an ideology, a philosophy, a political way of life. Notice that she not only wants educators to promote this ideology in general but to promote a particular form of it – A muscular liberalism. That sounds a bit like a particularly extremist ideology to me. We may well read for “promote…” “indoctrinate impressionable minds with extremist ideology”?

So Amanda, I don’t particularly want extremist Islamism taught in schools and you may not like my particular brand of Christianity but maybe just maybe there are a lot of people uncomfortable with the particular brand of so called liberalism we see promoted in public life as representing British values, which is often morally confusing, disregards genuine medical concerns and is cruelist to the most vulnerable including the elderly, the ill, the foreigner in our midst and the not yet born. We have seen this muscular liberalism leading to people like Tim Farron being hounded out of public life for not being purist enough in their ideology. Shouldn’t we be seeking to safe-guard our children from such an extremist, intolerant and unBritish ideology?