Training Urban Pastors and Planters in context (Part 6) – what might the week look like

Here’s a suggestion for how the urban trainee’s work might look

Sunday  РAttend church service, will have some involvement and responsibilities in ministry. Lunch and afternoon with a church family

Monday – To include opportunities for personal study, supported by guided reading and videos. Personal outreach opportunities, including door to door, 1-1s, street evangelism

Tuesday – Experience of an existing church ministry e.g Toddlers Group, pastoral visiting etc. Opportunity for guided personal study

Wednesday- Day Off

Thursday – learning Hub day, opportunity to reflect on issues and events, pray as a group, 1-1 tuition and mentoring, discussion on ¬†theological issues, contextualized teaching and training from lead mentor. This would also include opportunities for the trainees to share what they’ve learnt. One trainee might pursue a specific module during the week and then lead a short seminar on the hub day. This is a great means of assessing progress, it encourages a sense of learning to pass on and teaching others is a great way of consolidating your own learning.

Friday – Guided personal study. Personal outreach, local church ministry experience e.g youth work

Saturday Family time, special events etc