Faithroots Live 10th March “How do you know?”

Our first Faithroots Live  workshop in a day is on 10th March.  We will be asking the important question “How do you know?”

The day is all about how we can know the truth about God, the world around us and ourselves. We will be finding out how God speaks to us and we will be looking at some challenges to our trust in the Bible.  

The day will include talks and group based discussion.

Join us from 9:00am for a 9:30am start.  We are providing breakfast before hand but please let us know if you want this so we can plan catering. Tea and coffee will be available throughout the day but please bring a packed lunch.

It would be helpful to know who is coming so please drop us a line via the contact form below.  Don’t forget to let us know if you are requiring breakfast.

Session 1 “Why do we need the Bible?” – Reason, Experience and Revelation 9:30-10:30

Talk covering:

-The relationship between what we believe and how we live

– Rationalism and Irrationalism

– The Sufficiency of Scripture

Session 2 “Can I really rely on the Bible?”   10:45 -12:15pm

–          Case Study Deuteronomy on immorality, adultery, rape and marriage

–          Hermeneutics – what influences how we read, interpret and aplly the Bible?

Lunch 12:15pm -12:45pm

Session 3 “Do I only need the Bible?” 12:45pm 2:45pm

–          What part do the Gifts of the Spirit play? Is there a place for prophecies, dreams, visions and words of knowledge or does this undermine Scripture? With case studies and discussion