Faithroots Live – This Saturday 10th March

Our Faithroots Live event is this Saturday. Join us at 9am for Breakfast. We will start the workshop formerly at 9:30 and finish at 2pm,

Our topic is “How Do you know?”

We will be looking at how we can know truth about God, Creation, Humans and New Creation.

Big questions asked during the day will include:

  1. How can I believe things that I cannot observe for myself?
  2. What part does my reason play in discovering truth?
  3. Isn’t the Old Testament barbaric and out of touch with modern ethics?
  4. What place do gifts of prophecy, dreams, visions and words of knowledge have?

As part of question 3, we will be particularly responding to Steve Chalke’s recent claims that the Bible is not God’s Word and is not our final authority for life.  We will pick up on two important case studies.

  1. Didn’t Wilberforce and those who campaigned against slavery have to ignore the parts of the Bible which seem to support slavery?
  2. Aren’t some of the Old Testament Laws cruel and offensive. For example what about he requirement for a victim to marry her rapist?

The day will be very practical with lots of opportunity for interaction, worked examples, questions and discussion.

We do need to know if you are requiring breakfast, so please fill in the form below to let us know.  Tea and coffee will be provided during the day but please bring your own packed lunch.