Why should you train with us?

Are you considering training for Christian ministry? If so, why not consider coming and joining us as an ActBC trainee for a couple of years.  This is a fantastic opportunity to gain hands on experience of ministry in an urban setting whilst also receiving high quality theological training.

Who is it for?

ActBC is all about encouraging urban mission. We have a particular desire to see church planting and revitalisation in the urban West Midlands, especially in West Birmingham, Sandwell and the Black Country. So, this is a great opportunity for someone who is considering a call to urban church planting.

What will it involve?

The practical element will include opportunities to preach, lead Bible studies and gain experience of 1-1 discipleship, pastoral care and counselling. You can also choose to gain experience in youth work, street evangelism, door to door work and even running a community café.

Because our primary aim is to train pioneer planters and because our desire is to see actual church plants established in the urban West Midlands, we will also encourage you start to grow a missional community by reaching out to the neighbourhood where you live.

You will meet with a mentor each week to reflect theologically on your experience.  You will be given the opportunity to shadow and then partner people who are already involved in ministry including evangelism, community work and pastoral care.

The theological training part of the programme includes two elements. Our own in house Faithroots programme will include a mixture of guided reading and participation in training days which we run 4 times per year.

You will also be registered with a formal training programme which depending upon your experience and prior qualifications might be the Midlands Ministry Training Course or the Union Graduate Diploma. We are currently looking at possibilities for offering a seminary level programme for those without prior Higher Education experience or qualifications.

What is our track record?

When considering where to train and gain experience, it is reasonable to ask about the track record of those who will be responsible for your training.  Bearwood Chapel have been involved in training and equipping people for Christian ministry for a number of years now. This has included a previous partnership with Operation Mobilisation where young people from all around the world came and gained experience of urban mission with us. We have also helped to train one young pastor who is now serving in an urban priority context in his native Austria.  Over the past couple of years we have been involved in supporting a Spanish speaking church plant including providing Bible training for the lead planter.  We are currently training two of our members for Christian ministry. One has been participating in the Union GDip programme and the other is benefitting from informal training through our Faithroots programme.

How much will it cost?

We do not charge a fee for people to come and train with us. However:

  1. You will need to raise your own living costs.
  2. There are course fees for the Union GDip and for MMTC.

Next Steps

  1. Talk with your home church elders about this possibility and whether it is the right step for you.
  2. Get in touch via the contact form below including a contact number and we will call you for an initial conversation.