The Five Church Urban Partnership Challenge

Last week on Twitter I suggested a “Five Church Challenge”.

The challenge is very simple. A few of us are trying to encourage partnership between churches in urban priority areas and churches in more prosperous areas. The aim is not simply to give a bit of money to a needy area but to form deep, long term relationships.

I said that if we could find just 5 churches from relatively well off neighbourhoods and 5 urban priority churches that would be a significant breakthrough.

Partnership would mean.

1. Regular, informed prayer

2. A commitment to giving to the urban gospel work as part of your mission giving

3. Identifying ways of working together, particularly by sending people. This might start by encouraging people to visit and encourage and build into planning some mission activities together. The long term aim would be that members of the church would be encouraged to go and join the urban church longer term and become actively involved in the mission.

We would love to hear from anyone who would be interested in getting involved in this type of partnership. If you get in touch via the contact form below, we will try and link you up with another church.