How did we get here – Creation conclusion

As we’ve been looking at the Doctrine of Creation, the great encouragement has been to see that our world is here because a loving, sovereign creator God intentionally put us here.  The Doctrine of Creation points us back to God’s character as good and great.The Doctrine of Creation begins to tell us something about our own purpose as human beings. We were made in the words of the Westminster Shorter Catechism to glory God and enjoy him forever. A significant part of that purpose includes our stewardship of Creation.  We glorify God when we enjoy him. We enjoy him when we enjoy the goodness of his creation. That is why we are called to be stewards of creation, ruling over it and filling it.

This means that just as the Doctrine of Creation points us back (or up) and pushes us to ask questions about who the good and great God who created us and this Universe is, so it pushes us deeper as we seek to ask questions about who we are and what it means to be made in God’s image.

This leads us on to recognise that the Doctrine of the Fall is vital too. It helps us to understand the presence of suffering and evil. The Doctrine of the Fall reminds us of the importance of the Doctrine of Revelation both in terms of why we need God’s revelation and why we so often choose to suppress and reject it.

The Doctrine of the Fall means that as we think about who we are we need to know about redemption. The Doctrine of Creation and of Fall pushes us forward so that we need to know about New Creation.