But we are not from the UK – A message to non-UK readers about the urban partnership challenge

A considerable number of our readers are not from the UK including the US, Asia, South America and a number of African countries. We appreciate having you come along and read the articles here. You may have read my articles about encouraging urban mission in the UK and thought “I’m not sure how much this has to do with us and what we can do.”

I’d like to ask your church to consider becoming one of the partner churches. First of all, the wonders of modern communication mean that it is very simple to stay in touch with a UK church through face-book, skype and email and to be praying for it regularly. Secondly, if you want to encourage people to consider coming and serving here, there are a number of fantastic organisations facilitating that. I’d like to mention three here:

  1. GEM or Greater European Mission is an organisation that exists to reach Europe “by multiplying disciples and growing Christ’s Church.”
  2. AT3 is the Alliance for Transatlantic Theological Training and they “exist to facilitate the training of 1000 US and 1000 UK leaders by 2030.” The idea is that a US church member is sent to train through theological education and ministry experience in the UK alongside a potential UK leader.
  3. LatinLink have for some time been encouraging people from South America to come and serve on mission in the UK for 1 – 2 years.

I am aware of one other mission agency which is looking at how it can encourage missionaries to come and serve in the UK.

So, there are a number of organisations that could help you link up with UK churches and send workers. For example, what about linking up through AT3 to create  a partnership. This could in fact be a multi-church partnership. What if your church were to send 1 worker alongside a worker from a thriving UK church to work together either as part of a church revitalisation or as pioneer planters? At the same time, both trainees would be abl to join one of the Union School of Theology Learning Communities with an Urban focus in London with London City Mission, here in the Midlands with us or in Oldham with Stephen Kneale and Oldham Bethel.

Please do get in touch if this is of interest to you. Thank you for considering this possibility.