A Ridiculous Invitation

I want to tell you about a couple of great job opportunities. There’s one catch and that’s very simply that there’s no pay on offer!

Let me tell you about them.

First of all, we want to see churches planted and revitalised in the urban West Midlands, specifically in Sandwell, West Birmingham and The Black Country. There is a great Gospel need here. If you’ve visited faithroots.net before, you will have read about the desperate need for people to be called to work on our council estates and in our inner-city type neighbourhoods. For too long, our gospel focus has primarily been on the well off, middle class, students, graduates and Home Counties. That is not to talk down the need for mission to those people as well, it’s just that it should not take priority over or be at the expense of urban mission.

There are estates, like the one I live on where there has been no meaningful Gospel presence for years. That means there are thousands of people living in communities who have had no or minimal opportunity to hear the Gospel. Who will come and speak to them about Jesus.

So, we would love to see one or two people commit to work as pioneer missionaries in some of these communities, seeking to build friendships with neighbours, starting one to one and mall group Bible studies in homes, baptising and teaching new believers and gradually seeing new churches come into existence.

That’s the first opportunity.

The second opportunity is that as part of our Gospel work, we have been developing a team based at Bearwood Chapel. We have an opportunity for someone to come and work with us as a community outreach worker, primarily based in and looking after our Community Café. The Community Café is based close to a major shopping High Street, close to a local school and run by volunteers. We open a few mornings each week to serve hot and cold drinks and light refreshments. It’s a place where people can drop in and ask for advice and prayer, ask questions and find out about the Gospel. We have been encouraged with the small but fruitful start this ministry has had but would like to see it developed further to reach more people.

As I said, we cannot offer salaries which makes the invitation seem ridiculous on one level. Who is going to respond to an invitation like that?  So, first of all I want to mention a couple of things we can offer. We can offer training, mentoring, fellowship and genuine long-term partnership. Secondly, it may be possible that there are some people who are able to come and give some time without salaries being a concern. Maybe you have retired early and God is challenging you about how to use your time? Maybe you have the gifts which enable you to come and work as a “tent-maker” missionary? Maybe, you will be able to encourage other churches and individuals to support you as you come to serve.

Finally, this is an invitation to people that God is calling to this work. If he is stirring up a passion for the lost in your heart then come and talk to us.