Expository Worship and 2 Samuel

I thought I’d share an example with you of our congregation leaders thinking through how to connect up the teaching series with the rest of the service over the next few months.  We are coming to the end of 2 Samuel (ch 14-24) and so we did two things. First of all, the preaching team met together to look at the big picture of what is coming up. The the congregation leadership team (11:15) spent a bit of time thinking about implications for songs, prayers, responses additional readings etc. This is what they came up with.


David is the disciplined and delivered typical believer but also a type of Christ pointing to the one who was exiled, mocked, abused experiencing death and resurrection for us.

·         This includes encouragement we are flawed but this is not an excuse for complacency

·         Assurance – Christ has taken our place

·         God works in failure

·         Making sense of circumstances.

Leading Worship

There is a sense that we are picking up on the whole message of this part of 2 Samuel and this may help rather than trying always to match songs and prayers exactly to the specific message that week.

It may be helpful to use Psalms as part of our response, especially: Psalms 139, 40, 51, 18. These can be read corporately. There are also metrical versions which can be set to music.  Encourage meditation but be careful – don’t do two studies.

It may be useful to pick up on a Psalm referenced in the sermon as post sermon response or to go back to something taught the previous week.

Common threads in our worship may include

Communicating hurt and pain in a helpful way. How do we give voice to our experiences when talking to God in a way that is biblical. Scripture shows that we can speak truthfully without being angry at or accusing God.

There are also NT prayers that help with this.

Consider the following songs as a starting point for use in worship that will pick up the themes.

·         I will offer up my life

·         Will your anchor hold  (Colin Webster version)

·         He will hold me fast

·         Christ be in my waking

·         Jesus thank you

·         My Song is love unknown

·         Grace Awaiting Me

·         There is a hope

·         You give rest to the weary… (Lou Fellingham)

·         Your love  oh Lord (Psalm 36) Third Day

·         Good Shepherd (Tommy Walker

The Valley of Vision is a book of Puritan Prayers which may also provide useful resources

Testimony  along the lines of God’s work in my life  how has God spoken to me will also have a part to play.