Urban Subversive fulfilment – Why I will be reading what I will be reading during my sabbatical

From June – August I’m taking a little sabbatical/period of study leave. One of my aims is to focus on how we go about urban mission. This will include

–          Visiting some people in other contexts

–          Reading books, journal articles and blogposts by others who have experience and/or have also taken time to reflect on this subject

–          Taking time to reflect on our own experience here and think practically about the future

The other day I published an initial reading list with some of the books and websites I think will be of interest to anyone involved in this area of Gospel ministry.

I wanted to explain a little bit more about a couple of my choices Continue reading


Unfinished business, legacies and racism

On Sunday I preached about unfinished business between David and the Gibeonites (2 Samuel 21). . We saw how Saul’s actions a generation earlier were still having an affect under David’s reign. We saw that superstitious concepts about generational curses are wrong but that there is a Biblical principle that our actions can have far reaching consequences. Continue reading

The Two Vital Questions that pro abortion campaigners need to answer

A number of UK politicians and journalists are now pushing hard on the back of the Republic of Ireland’s Abortion referendum to change the law in the UK.

MP Stella Creasy said on twitter

“And now not to leave the million of our own citizens behind without access to their reproductive rights @10DowningStreet? Say
you will give a free vote on 21st century abortion laws and our democracy can
do the rest to show in this day and age we #TrustAllWomen …”[1

She is specifically talking about Northern Ireland where abortion remains a devolved matter and remains illegal.

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Pro Life or Pro Choice? The oldest dilemma

If the abortion debate is framed in terms of pro-choice or pro-life, then it should be no surprise that people generally tend to go with “pro-choice” because that is what we have been doing throughout history. This is the oldest decision.

In Genesis 2, God provides two trees at the centre of the Garden of Eden, one is the Tree of Life, eating from it provides a daily testimony to the life which Adam and Eve have from God. They were made to live for ever. The other tree is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, eating from it was a declaration that humans would make their own choices about right and wrong. Eating from it was a claim to autonomy -that they did not need God’s revelation to know how to act. The first Tree was literally pro-life and the second pro-choice. Adam and Eve ate from the second tree because they wanted to be like God, to have the power and independence he had.

The sad thing about that decision in the Garden of Eden was that humanity already were made in the image of God and already shared a precious quality with him, the quality of life, living for ever. The other sad thing about that decision is that in not choosing life, they were choosing death. God warned them that when they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they would die.. Continue reading

Savita’s Law? The Irish Abortion Referendum and a Red-Herring

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts and as Stephen Kneale points out here, one of the pro-abortion lobby’s tactics is to focus attention on the difficult cases. The message is that if you are against abortion then you are unloving because you don’t care about vulnerable people, those who are victims of assault or those who are medically at risk through pregnancy. Continue reading

Dave’s Sabbatical Reading List -Urban Subversive Fulfilment

So, as promised here’s my reading list linked to the Urban subversive  Fulfilment project.  Some of these I’ve read already and to be honest I’m not sure if I’ll get through everything here but going to give it a good try! Thanks to people like @Litabny and Mark Pickett for their recommendations. Continue reading

Unfinished Business (2 Samuel 21)

Two weeks ago, we talked about the trials, troubles and temptations of life as relentless. Because of his sin, David faced continuous trouble and trials throughout his life.

–          Because of Adam’s sin, we live in a world where, sin, temptation, trials, trouble and death are ever present.

–          Because of our own sin, we often face the ongoing consequences in relationships, ministry etc.

This is illustrated with our two incidents here. Continue reading