The Word Became Flesh our next Faithroots Live event

Our next Faithroots Live day is on Saturday 19th May. The day will run from 9:30am -2pm with tea and coffee provided. There’ll be a lunch break so please bring a packed lunch. We are also providing breakfast for those who book in and request it (please use the contact form below).

 The Theme is “The Word Became Flesh”

 Our focus will be on John’s Gospel and we will be thinking about the Doctrine of the Trinity and what it means to call God “Father” and to say that Jesus is “God the Son.” This area of faith is so important for two reasons. First because it is where we are often challenged by other faiths and which we can find difficult. Secondly because it is central and foundational to what we believe about God and should be a great source of encouragement and a prompt for awe and worship.

 Part 1 “The Eternal Son and the Love of God”

 In this section we will be looking at 1 John 4 and John 1.  We will think about “Truth and Lies we believe about God and what does it mean to say “God is Love.”  We will also be meeting a character from church history – Athanasius who combatted a heresy called Arianism which has strong similarities with the modern views of Jehovah’s Witnesses.


Part 2 “The Father Sends the Son”

 We will look at biblical imagery of sonship in the Old Testament and what it means to call Jesus “The Son” with particular focus on John 5.

 Part 3 “Identity in Christ”

 What does it mean to be adopted into God’s family? Why do we talk about being “In Christ?”  We will be helped by John 8 and John 15. We will have a little help from Martin Luther as well.

 Part 4. “The Son and the Family Home”

 We will turn to John 14 for this. We’ll see how the Doctrine of the Trinity helps with our assurance and eternal security and how it fits with that we believe about he future and heaven.

The day will include a mix of teaching from the front, discussion and practical pastoral scenarios. The aim is to think about how what we believe helps us in the situations we and others face in life.

 Once again, let me know if you are able to come and also if you would like Breakfast. Use the form below to let us know by Sunday 13th May.