In Context Training part 2: Subversive Fulfilment and a mission shaped syllabus

The other day I said that in context training needs to be framed by a missiology. So, I began to think about what that type of syllabus might look like. What if we used the Subversive Fulfilment framework that I’m engaging with for my sabbatical.

So here’s my “What If?”


A 3-4 year in context vocational programme for urban missionaries enabling them to

  1. Gain hands on experience of Gospel ministry
  2. Benefit from guided reading
  3. Have opportunity to listen, discuss and reflect through seminars and workshops
  4. Following the Step In, Search Out, Show Up, Show Off framework


Step In

Stage 1 – A Biblical Theology of the City – from Eden to New Jerusalem.

This would include

Biblical Foundations – providing the hermeneutic through which to read the world around you.

–        Biblical Theology

–        OT and NT studies

–        Exegesis and Hermeneutics

–        Doctrine of Revelation

–        Doctrine of God -with focus on the Trinity

Learning to See

–        Know who you think you are – Some form of self-assessment/evaluation

–        Learning to identify our own idols

–        Know who we are – Church History (Turning Points_

Search Out

Would include some form of cultural studies

–        History of urbanisation

–        Class and ethnicity studies

Learning to See

–        Know who they think they are

–        Practically to include culture/neighbourhood surveys.

–        What are people’s hopes, aspirations, dreams?

Doctrine of Creation

Book study – Genesis

Show Up

Doctrine of the Fall

Doctrine of Humanity

Learning to See

–        Identifying idols

–        Theology of Religion

Book Study – OT Prophet

Pastoral Studies

–         begin to look at Biblical Counselling

–        Addictions

Show Off

Doctrine of Salvation

Doctrine of New Creation

Book study – Romans

Apologetics and Evangelism

-Include specific focus on urban contexts

Pastoral Care

–        What does restoration and rehabilitation look like?

Church Leadership

  • Church polity
  • Leading change
  • Practical issues – finance etc
  • Raising up other leaders
  • Being missional and sending others onwards