Who is the Servant in Isaiah 53?

1.      The Servant is Israel (ch 41:8). This means that justice comes to the nations through Israel42:1). Israel is robbed and hurt (42:24). Israel will got hrough the fires and waters of exile and Exodus, of death and resurrection (43:1-2). Israel as the servant is chosen and dear (44:2). Israel the servant is to pay attention (42:21). God will not forget her, God has forgiven her sin.

2.      Israel, the servant is flawed and sinful. The glorious and loving God has done everything for her. He has created , called and redeemed her. This means that God alone is worthy of exclusive praise and glory (43:10-13). Israel however is rebellious, foolish and idolatrous (ch 44). Israel falls short as the servant. It is after all, her own sin that robs her (42:24). Israel cannot be the servant who suffers innocently for ouw sin in Isaiah 53.

3.      The Servant is someone given to Israel (42:6-7). Israel needs someone to take her place. Jesus is the true servant fulfilling the promises to and for Israel in her place and on her behalf for us.