Being There – Leading by turning up

Leaders get used to being up front and doing things. So, it’s great to have lots of leaders ready to take the initiative.

But what happens when I’m not the lead on something? Can I simply be there, be available and take part?  If we are honest, we struggle don’t we? If it’s the Bible study, or there’s a space/lull in the service we are itching to get up and say something. Maybe before an event we find ourselves asking “am I needed for anything” and unless the answer is yes, we consider the possibility of taking a bit of time off.

Yet, good leaders are still leading even when they are not leading! We lead by simply being there, on time and ready. We lead by inviting guests along. We lead by simply being ready to do any tasks that we get asked to do and we lead by being quietly supportive. How? Simply by being an encouragement to the people who have been asked to do the job and being an example to others in the congregation.