6 Reasons why we have failed to reach working class and deprived communities (Unreached)

In his book Unreached, Tim Chester identifies 6 reasons why the church has struggled to reach working class and deprived communities.

  1. C of E parish system not geared up for urbanisation[1]
  2. Going to church seen as for respectable people -dressing up in Sunday best[2]
  3. “The last century has seen an explosion of entertainment opportunities.” The church is no longer the communal focal point. [3]
  4. Strategies of reaching “people of influence” – Students/graduates [4]
  5. Churches are geared up to reaching people through social networks/friendship evangelism which doesn’t fit in with working class people being more tied into local communities [5]
  6. Working Class people become Christians and then tend to engage with things that identify them as aspirational -a sense of becoming middle class, leaving their community behind. [6]

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