We are looking for Gospel workers

Our desire as a local church in the urban West Midlands is to see people in our inner cities and on our estates come to faith in Jesus Christ. We see fields white for harvest but also that the labourers are few. If you have a passion to see people in urban Britain come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour, we’d love to invite you to come and join us in the mission field here. We are praying that God will send labourers into our harvest field.

This might mean moving into the area whilst continuing to work in your present employment or finding new work so that you can be part of the church family here.  It might mean giving up work and seeking to raise financial support in order to be freed up to train and get involved in full time gospel ministry. It might mean coming and joining one of the existing Bearwood Chapel congregations or you may be involved in beginning to start a new congregation from scratch in your community.  There may also be a need for people to join other churches seeking help with revitalisation.

If you come and join us in the work, we will also want to help encourage and equip you.  There will be opportunities to join in regular training through our faithroots live events as well as accessing the resources on this site. We also will link you with a mentor. There are also opportunities to sign up for formal training programmes including the Midlands Ministry Training Course and the Union School of Theology GDip.

Drop us a line via the contact form below to find out more.