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 This Website

The theme of this website is that “What we believe affects how we live.” Our aim here is to provide an online teaching and training hub which will enable visitors to connect what they believe about God, Creation, Humanity and New Creation with their daily lives in their communities and as part of local churches. We hope that it will be helpful to those who want to know how to navigate through the regular mess of life.

We have a particular concern for urban mission and hope that this site will be particularly helpful to those involved in or considering church leadership or church planting in urban-multi-cultural contexts.

Articles will cover themes including: Leadership, Pastoral Care, Doctrine, Apologetics and ethics.

The Author

Picture -Dave

Dave Williams  is married to Sarah who teaches English at Secondary School level.  Together they enjoy crime and spy dramas (think Spooks, NCIS, Midsomer Murders, New Tricks, etc). He has also spent may years following the ups and downs of Bradford City (more downs than ups though with small exceptions including the 2012-13 season).  Since 2010 he has been pastor at Bearwood Chapel in the West Midlands having previously worked in the Aerospace Industry before studying for an MTH in Theology and Pastoral Studies at Oak Hill Theological College.

Bearwood Chapel

Bearwood Chapel is located in Smethwick, part of the Sandwell Borough, a vibrant, ethnically diverse neighbourhood at the heart of the West Midlands.

It is an evangelical church with a strong commitment to reaching the local community with the good news about Jesus and seeing Bearwood and beyond transformed by the Gospel.

The Church has six main gatherings for worship and Bible Teaching each week.

The 9:30 Service  an informal service on Sunday mornings with a focus on helping the whole family (all ages) to worship together

11:15 Morning Worship -A slightly more formal gathering mixing contemporary and traditional music (the emphasis tends to be more towards contemporary). Sunday Clubs for children and teens run from 11:30am.  Communion is celebrated most weeks.

EngageSunday evenings at 5pm. A cafe style meeting where you can engage with the Bible & each other through discussion & q&a. Tea and coffee served through out. Why not stay on for pizza and chips with the Sunday Night Church crowd at 6pm?

On the First Sunday of every month we have Messy Church @ Engage and start a little earlier at 4pm for all age activities including: games, craft, a Bible story and food

Sunday Night Church: A relaxed café style setting.  We eat together, share prayer requests, sing contemporary songs with a little help from You Tube and study the Bible through Q&A and group discussion. People start arriving from 6pm for food and then the main part of the evening starts from about 6:45pm.

Monday GroupAll are welcome but this gathering is designed particularly with older folk in mind.  We sing some of the older hmyns and choruses before listening to a short talk and then have a cup of tea together.  We also run outings and provide meals during the year.  (2pm, term time only).

Nueva Vida. Our Spanish speaking congregation meets every Saturday at 5pm.  They sing Spanish  songs, pray together and receive Bible teaching either in Spanish or via translation (nb we also provide translation at 11:15 and Sunday Night Church).  Although this is a Spanish language congregation it is not mono-ethnic.  All are welcome and translation into English is available.





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