Feedback and Comments

We welcome comments, questions and feedback . The easiest way to do this is via our contact form below. We will try and respond to emails with a full and thoughtful response within 48 hours where possible.

We may not always be able to answer your questions but we will try and link you to other websites, books and resources that might help.

We may sometimes ask you if we can then publish a transcript of an email discussion where we believe that this might be helpful for other readers. We’ll always ask and wait for your permission before publishing.

You will notice that we don’t provide a comments option under each article. This is because in our experience, that type of comment option is often dominated by 1 or 2 people who aren’t so much interested in engaging thoughtfully with the articles as seeking to provoke reactions.  This means that more heat than light is generated. We hope that the approach we have taken to comment and feedback will encourage genuine engagement,, reflection and discussion  so that we help to build each other up.