The aim of LoveBC is to seek the good of our local communities in the areas where we will be planting congregations. This is both a natural outworking of Christian discipleship as lives are transformed and an enabler to PlantBC.  

We do this by:

1.       Providing ESOL classes.

2.       Creating community hubs as one stop shops for support, advice and practical assistance

3.       Providing vocational training and work experience to support return to work

4.       Facilitating schools work including assemblies, RE lessons and mentoring

5.       Support to young families with preschool children including parenting advice

6.       Providing advocacy for vulnerable people in the community

7.       Running specific community projects encouraging neighbourliness

A good example of this is the Community Café which we have been running for the past few years. We are also hoping to employ a Communities and Families worker in the near future with a remit to work with vulnerable families, local schools and other organisations.