PlantBC Timeline

Our aim is to multiply congregations and Gospel communities so that wherever and whenever people wish to hear the Gospel and gather for praise, prayer and teaching there is space for them to do so.

The Story So Far

2011 – Dig Deeper Bible study starts on a Sunday evening. This started with a few older teenagers who wanted to know God’s Word better. Gradually it evolved into Sunday Night Church, a café style congregation

2012The 9:30 Service and 11:15 Morning Worship congregations begin.

2015Nueva Vida, a Saturday evening congregation using Spanish and welcoming people from South American, Eastern European and British backgrounds is founded.

2015Engage starts. This offers an opportunity for families to come at an earlier time to Sunday Night Church for café style Bible discussion, prayer and fellowship.

What we are doing at the moment

We are focusing on two particular areas where we believe there are opportunities to start Gospel Communities

Bristnall is a Council Estate in Smethwick where there currently is no viable Gospel witness. We have begun building relationships with local people, delivering newsletters to homes and visiting door to door. We are praying that a few people will begin to show an interest in looking at the First Look course at a local home.

#Parklife – last year we were given the use of “The Hub” in Victoria Park, Smethwick on Mondays and Tuesdays. We have been running ESOL classes and in partnership with Raglan Road Christian Church have just started a Thursday morning skills workshop for refugees.  We would love to see a Gospel community started here.

The Future

Up until now, our primary focus has been on multiplying congregations within the Bearwood Chapel building. We did this because it made sense to make maximum use of the Building and because we realised that as well as geographical barriers, the time when people gather can also act as a constraint on Gospel ministry.

However, we are increasingly thinking about where and how we could plant churches outside of the Chapel. This might include

–          Pioneer Evangelists settling into communities and starting Gospel ministry from scratch

–          One of the existing Bearwood Chapel congregations moving to a new location and establishing as an independent church

–          A group of people moving into a location to plant a church

–          Existing but struggling churches in needy areas requesting help with church revitalisation