TrainBC is about equipping Christians for long-term Christian mission in urban contexts. This includes training potential pioneer church planters and pastors but we also want to encourage potential elders and deacons and anyone who is called to be part of an urban church.

Here are some ways in which you could participate in TrainBC

ActBC Interns

We are offering the opportunity for a couple of people each year to join us as interns with a focus on urban church planting.

The programme will include

–          Mentoring

–          Opportunity to gain experience of specific ministries including evangelism, preaching, pastoral care, youth and children’s work, etc.

–          Focused theological training with either the Midlands Ministry Training Scheme or the Union School of Theology GDip (see below).

–          Regular “Faithroots Live” workshops throughout the year looking at how we put what we believe into practice.

Please note that you will need to raise your own support to cover living costs and the fees for either MMTC or Union.

Union Learning Community

We also offer the opportunity to access the Union Gdip programme as a stand-alone option. This is a part time programme leading to an accredited qualification in theology.

The programme includes

–          2 days each week for personal study

–          1 day each week joining the Learning community to watch recorded lectures delivered by Union lecturers and participate in seminar discussions.

–          Access to an online library of books and theological journals.

This option will suit those who are already working for a local church or who would like to start studying theology whilst continuing to work in paid employment.

You can find out more about Union School of Theology on their website.

To register for the GDip, please apply directly to Union via their admissions enquiry page.

Short Term internships

As well as the ActBC Internship, we have people come and stay with us to gain some experience and insight of urban mission for anything between 1 week and a few months.

This site is our online teaching and training hub. Head over to the home page and you will find lots of articles and resources to help you grow in your knowledge of God and his word. You can also visit our publications page where you will find a selection of free e-books.

From 2018, we are planning to run about 3 or 4 Faithroots Live workshops each year. These will be on Saturdays providing another opportunity for busy people to access teaching and training.

Next Steps

If you think that any of the above opportunities would be relevant to you then here’s what to do next.

  1. Speak to  your church leaders about whether this is the right thing for you to do. They may want to help you identify other opportunities to train within your own church or on an alternative scheme.
  2. If you  want to train with us (and your church leaders agree) then get in touch using the contact form on this site. We’ll then get in touch and talk through with you to make sure that we’re in a position at that time to provide the right sort of training for your needs.

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