Faithroots Live 10th March “How do you know?”

Our first Faithroots Live  workshop in a day is on 10th March.  We will be asking the important question “How do you know?”

The day is all about how we can know the truth about God, the world around us and ourselves. We will be finding out how God speaks to us and we will be looking at some challenges to our trust in the Bible.   Continue reading


Bearwood Chapel Annual Report

Why we do what we do

An annual report often goes straight into listing all the things we have done and what we have seen  happen over the year.  However, it’s good to stop from time to time and describe what why we do what we do.

We can summarise this as we want to help people who don’t know Jesus to come to know him and to grow in him, in order to see Bearwood and beyond transformed by the gospel to God’s glory.[1]

This is why we seek to share the love of Jesus in everything we do, caring for one another and providing practical help and advice to others through ESOL classes, Toddlers groups, advocacy, the Community Café etc. It’s why we use the opportunities given to share the Gospel with people 1-1, in preaching, through evangelistic Bible studies such as First Look and on line. It’s why we gather for worship each week in our different congregations:

Over the past year, we have been talking about what we do in terms of “ActBC.” We have identified three streams to this. This reflects a concern beyond our building and immediate community to the wider community in the Black Country area. Continue reading

Faithroots Live 2018 onwards

One of our aims when setting up Faithroots was to help provide additional training and teaching to help Christians wanting to engage in Urban Mission. As well as the online hub, we’ve also offered Faithroots Live workshops over the past couple of years. Up until the summer we ran these weekly on Mondays. Continue reading

The Goldilocks Zone: Collected Writings of Michael J Ovey – A Review

Let me take you back to one year ago.  I had just finished reading “Your Will Be Done” by my old college principal, Mike Ovey. I mentioned to my wife that I should drop him an email to say I’d enjoyed reading it and that he should write more books.

I never got to send that email because not long after, we received the shocking news that Mike had died suddenly. In the aftermath, as we read other people’s reflections, the theme “why didn’t Mike write more books?” came up again and again,  and the response kept coming back, “his books were his students.”

However, Mike did write so many things including articles, essays and conference papers and here is a wonderful volume bringing together some of those pieces. Chris Green was Mike’s Vice-Principal at Oak Hill and a close friend, so who better to do the job of carefully selecting and assembling the material?

The Goldilocks Zone is divided into four sections: Continue reading

Another way to help the urban church – use your retirement

Are you planning for your retirement? What does that retirement look like. For some people it will mean staying put and increased opportunities to serve in their home church. For others, the dream may be of a move to somewhere new to enjoy a well earned change of scenery. Some may even be looking at a place in  a retirement village. Continue reading

6 more ways you can help and encourage urban mission

I’ve recently shared two articles about how churches and individuals can partner with and support urban mission in the UK.

The latest article talks about how we have been trying to encourage urban mission and church planting in our area and the previous puts forward two suggestions, one for churches and one for individuals.  The idea for “individuals” is something anyone could start doing now. The idea for churches is something that many of us might find a little beyond us at the moment.  So here are some further small step ideas. Continue reading