Where did they come from?

I was just having a look at the different routes by which  people found there way to us over the past 8 years. The headlines are: Continue reading


A Ridiculous Invitation

I want to tell you about a couple of great job opportunities. There’s one catch and that’s very simply that there’s no pay on offer! Continue reading

A statement on “Punish a Muslim” Day

It has been drawn to my attention that a letter has been circulating in some areas encouraging people to punish Muslims for the hurt and heartache they have caused.  You can see a copy of the letter, and a response on Stephen Kneale’s blog here.  Continue reading

Training Matters … if not ‘that’ much

My friend Stephen has written a typically robust blog headlined “People are not going to Hell because of a lack of training options.” Stephen argues that there’s a lot of talk about how we train in people for urban ministry but that’s pointless if we don’t have the people to train and if we don’t have the resources to support them. Continue reading

The Five Church Urban Partnership Challenge

Last week on Twitter I suggested a “Five Church Challenge”.

The challenge is very simple. A few of us are trying to encourage partnership between churches in urban priority areas and churches in more prosperous areas. The aim is not simply to give a bit of money to a needy area but to form deep, long term relationships. Continue reading

Why should you train with us?

Are you considering training for Christian ministry? If so, why not consider coming and joining us as an ActBC trainee for a couple of years.  This is a fantastic opportunity to gain hands on experience of ministry in an urban setting whilst also receiving high quality theological training.

Who is it for?

ActBC is all about encouraging urban mission. We have a particular desire to see church planting and revitalisation in the urban West Midlands, especially in West Birmingham, Sandwell and the Black Country. So, this is a great opportunity for someone who is considering a call to urban church planting. Continue reading

Getting Past the Urban Mission Impasse (Part 3): Sending Workers into the Harvest Field

Please bear with me as I get a little bit repetitive about this one.  How did the first churches get started all around the Mediterranean?  How did churches start in India, China and across Africa? Well, if you go to Acts, you could argue that some of the church planting happened as Christians moved out from Jerusalem and scattered across Judea and Samaria.  Maybe that gets a little bit close to our model of sending groups of people out to plant churches in the areas they move into. Continue reading