Why did God test Adam with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?

“If God knew that Adam would fail the test and eat from the Tree, then wasn’t it unfair of him to set the test in the first place?”

This is one of the questions that was asked at Sunday Night Church this week. The simple and short answer is “ He didn’t set a test” at least not in the way that we have grown accustomed to thinking about tests, trials and tempting.

We are conditioned by living in a world blighted by sin and so we know that we get tempted and fail. If someone tells you not  to think about something, say something or do something then you can’t help yourself. So, we assume that in the garden, that there was this tree and every day, Adam saw it and the tree subliminally shouted out to him “come, take a closer look, eat from me” until eventually, Adam gave in. Continue reading


How did we get here – Creation conclusion

As we’ve been looking at the Doctrine of Creation, the great encouragement has been to see that our world is here because a loving, sovereign creator God intentionally put us here.  The Doctrine of Creation points us back to God’s character as good and great. Continue reading

Creation and the Environment

If this creation is made by God and we are placed in it to look after it, to rule over it, subdue it and to fill it, to keep it and till it, then what implications does this have for our approach to the environment and ecology? Continue reading

Creation, Work and Rest

Thinking about the Doctrine of Creation is particularly helpful as we seek to apply the Bible to the whole of our life because Creation points us both to the goodness and challenges of work. The Bible is, from the start a book for all 7 days of the week, not just one. Continue reading

Sabbath Rest

Coming up we have an article on  Creation, work and rest. In it I mention a couple of differing views on the Sabbath day. It is worth noting that we have to take a step a little further back when thinking about how to apply this. Here are some questions to think through that different Christians take different views on. Continue reading

Creation Evangelism and Apologetics

I want to say a few words now about how our Doctrine of Creation and the Fall affects our approach to Apologetics.

Creation reveals God and leaves us without excuse

This theme is picked up particularly by the Apostle Paul in Acts 14, Acts 17 and Romans 1. In Acts 14, Paul and Barnabas pray for a man to be healed and in response to this miracle, the locals are about to worship them as gods. Continue reading

Is Evolution about chance? (Part 2)

It was a chance meeting.  I just happened to be walking back up Rochester High Street and Crow Lane when our eyes met. By chance, she happened to be trying to visit our church’s bookshop and had just missed closing time. By chance, the lady cashing up saw us talking on the street outside and by chance she just happened to know Sarah’s friend.  They got talking and decided to match make. The rest is history. Continue reading