Is Evolution about chance? (Part 2)

It was a chance meeting.  I just happened to be walking back up Rochester High Street and Crow Lane when our eyes met. By chance, she happened to be trying to visit our church’s bookshop and had just missed closing time. By chance, the lady cashing up saw us talking on the street outside and by chance she just happened to know Sarah’s friend.  They got talking and decided to match make. The rest is history. Continue reading


Is Evolution about chance? (Part 1)

When ordinary lay-people (as in non-scientific specialists and particularly non-evolutionary-science specialists) like you and me talk about evolution, we are likely to talk about chance.  So, when I first wrote about creation, I named one of the lies that we believe about Creation/the Universe as that: Continue reading

Creation, Mission and Worship

Because we live in a good world which a good and purposeful God has made, this helps us to understand a little bit more about why we are here and what God has made us for.

The Shorter Catechism of the Westminster Confession of Faith asks the question

“What is the Chief end of Man?” and the correct response is “To glorify God and enjoy him forever.”

This answer is rooted in the story of Creation. If God is purposeful, then we have a purpose too and our purpose relates to him. Continue reading

Two Trees

Here’s a further thought about the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve are in the Garden, they are told they can eat from any of the trees except the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

There were two trees at the centre of the Garden. The other was the Tree of Life.  The first humans were not forbidden from eating from this tree. Continue reading

That Jordan Peterson interview with Cathy Newman again: – Looking For More (updated)

In my earlier article I suggested a little caution before people get excited about clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson on the basis of his interview with Cathy Newman. If we want to know whether this guy is a friend/ally we are going to have to do a little more digging. That’ll mean reading his books – I presume a few people have already.

The interview itself does not give us an ally. Note, I am not talking about whether or not he is a Christian. I note that a few articles suggest that he is. My question is whether the worldview articulated in the interview itself is one we would align with.[1]  Continue reading

The Doctrine of the Fall

God made the world good. The sense we get in Genesis 1 is of “perfection.” By perfection we do not mean in the sense that it was complete but rather that it was fitting for its time. It was incomplete in the sense that humans still had the work of filling and subduing creation and of tending and caring for it.

We see here an eschatological trajectory. As a number of commentators over time have noted, the movement is from a Garden to Garden City. We look forward to a day and a place where God will dwell with all his people (see Rev 21-22). I believe that Revelation 21-22 was always the goal of Creation.

According to John Calvin, this means that sin was both a fall from where we were and a departure from where we are going. Continue reading