Easter 2017




If you live in the Bearwood and Smethwick area, we would love to see you at one of our Easter events next week. There’s plenty of different activities and gatherings to choose from including opportunities for reflection, questions and celebration. The whole family is welcome (from 0-100) and there’s always something for everyone. Our week starts with Nueva Vida on Saturday and continues through to Easter Sunday evening. Continue reading

Can I trust the Bible? – Some suggested reading

This Sunday, we are going to be exploring the question “Can I trust the Bible -Isn’t it just a load of made up stories.

During the talk, we’ll give people the opportunity to feed in their own supplementary questions. I’ll give a short response to any questions during the Q&A part after the talk and as with our last “Big Question” we’ll try and include some written answers on faithroots.net too. Continue reading