The Word Became Flesh our next Faithroots Live event

Our next Faithroots Live day is on Saturday 19th May. The day will run from 9:30am -2pm with tea and coffee provided. There’ll be a lunch break so please bring a packed lunch. We are also providing breakfast for those who book in and request it (please use the contact form below).

 The Theme is “The Word Became Flesh”

 Our focus will be on John’s Gospel and we will be thinking about the Doctrine of the Trinity and what it means to call God “Father” and to say that Jesus is “God the Son.” This area of faith is so important for two reasons. First because it is where we are often challenged by other faiths and which we can find difficult. Secondly because it is central and foundational to what we believe about God and should be a great source of encouragement and a prompt for awe and worship. Continue reading


“The Word Became Flesh”Faithroots Live 19th May

Our next Faithroots Live Day is on the 19th May. This time we will be exploring the following wonderful themes:

          Why I can call God “Father”

          Who is Jesus – his divine identity

          Why did God the Son come to earth?

          How can I know that God really is Love? Continue reading

Easter – Comedy or Tragedy?

I love a good comedy whether it’s a sitcom like Not going Out, stand up provided by Live at the Apollo or a panel show like Mock the Week.  However, did you know that the word “Comedy” didn’t used to refer to a performance, routine or story that made you laugh?

When the ancient Greeks or William Shakespeare talked about comedy they were using the word to contrast with Tragedy. It’s fairly obvious what we mean by “Tragedy.” In Romeo and Juliet, the hero and heroine end up dead, taking their own lives. In Hamlet, pretty much every one dies.  Tragedies have sad endings where things are worse than at the beginning. Comedies on the other hand finish better than they started. For Shakespeare that mean that they finished with a wedding feast (e.g. Mid-Summer Night’s Dream). A comedy may have it’s ups and downs, there will be plenty of tears as well as laughter. There’ll be danger and death. Yet throughout a comedy there is hope.

The Easter story in that sense fits the “comedy” genre. It’s a story of love and courage as Jesus heads towards Calvary. There’s cowardice, desertion and betrayal. There’s tears, and there’s death. If the story had finished on Good Friday with Jesus’s execution then it would have looked like a Tragedy. But the story did not finish there for two reasons. Continue reading

Faithroots Live – This Saturday 10th March

Our Faithroots Live event is this Saturday. Join us at 9am for Breakfast. We will start the workshop formerly at 9:30 and finish at 2pm,

Our topic is “How Do you know?”

We will be looking at how we can know truth about God, Creation, Humans and New Creation.

Big questions asked during the day will include: Continue reading

Faithroots Live 10th March “How do you know?”

Our first Faithroots Live  workshop in a day is on 10th March.  We will be asking the important question “How do you know?”

The day is all about how we can know the truth about God, the world around us and ourselves. We will be finding out how God speaks to us and we will be looking at some challenges to our trust in the Bible.   Continue reading

Why we celebrate Harvest in the city

Today at 10:30am we will celebrate Harvest Festival. It will have, by our standards, a traditional feel. There will be the time honoured Harvest hymns including We plough the fields and Come ye thankful come. Then during the service, people will be able to bring gifts of food which will be gathered together. Continue reading