The heavy Burden (The Enigma Sermons 5)

How are we to make sense of the enigma of life? Trying to understand a messy, often unjust world is difficult, often frustrating.  Qoholet keeps comparing this to “vapour” or “chasing after the wind.” In 1:13 he tells us that:

“It is an unhappy business that God has given to the children of man to be busy with”[1]

The ESV translates the Hebrew word ra’ as “unhappy” this is the same word that is often translated “evil.” Is the task God has given us an evil one? Bartholomew sees Qoholet’s assessment as in sharp conflict with Genesis 1 -2. Continue reading


Love your community

A key part of our ActBC theme is the LoveBC part. This is because we believe that as Christians we are called to obey the two greatest commandments first to love God with all our hearts and second to love our neighbours as ourselves. This is part and parcel of The Great Commission, making disciples of Jesus includes teaching those disciples to obey everything he has commanded.  Continue reading

Legacy, individualism and abortion

I’m picking up on some of the examples of finding ourselves with a legacy from the past that brings consequences today.  Last Friday, the Republic of Ireland voted overwhelmingly in favour of legalising abortion.

I find that result a cause of great sadness. There are three reasons to be sad. Continue reading

Unfinished business, legacies and racism

On Sunday I preached about unfinished business between David and the Gibeonites (2 Samuel 21). . We saw how Saul’s actions a generation earlier were still having an affect under David’s reign. We saw that superstitious concepts about generational curses are wrong but that there is a Biblical principle that our actions can have far reaching consequences. Continue reading

Unfinished Business (2 Samuel 21)

Two weeks ago, we talked about the trials, troubles and temptations of life as relentless. Because of his sin, David faced continuous trouble and trials throughout his life.

–          Because of Adam’s sin, we live in a world where, sin, temptation, trials, trouble and death are ever present.

–          Because of our own sin, we often face the ongoing consequences in relationships, ministry etc.

This is illustrated with our two incidents here. Continue reading

God doesn’t need me to change his mind – and that’s a good thing

Remember that age old question about whether or not God ever changes his mind and the case study of Abraham interceding for Sodom and Gomorrah/ Lot? Well it came up during our fantastic and lively Faithroots Live session yesterday.

The assumption is that God plans to wipe out the city and this means Lot, Abraham’s nephew will be killed. This moves Abraham to intercede for Lot and the result is that his life is saved. Continue reading

Relentless Spiritual Warfare (3) I am tempted to believe that I am dependent on others for my relationship with Christ (2 Samuel 20 v11-13)

The commander in chief of David’s army, Amasa’s body lies in the road. Joab has assassinated him. One of Joab’s men then stands by the body and calls out:

“Whoever favours Joab, and whoever is for David, let him follow Joab.”[1]

Loyalty to David has now been explicitly linked to loyalty to Joab. The both are presented as going hand in hand, even though David had demoted Joab from commander in chief, even though he hadn’t even sent Joab out as the leader (when Amasa failed to return, David overlooked Joab in favour of Abishai).

This happens in the Christian life when: Continue reading