What is a friend? – A quick response to a good friend

Stephen Kneale has written a response to my first article about Jordan Peterson.  You can read it here. I’m relieved that Stephen is not about to unfriend me on social media!  I’m also grateful that he has given me the opportunity to respond and clarify. This is not least because part o f a conversation is about realising when the first response you put out just doesn’t cut it. 

I think the best way to respond is to probably take a little step back to some first principles. In my first post, I talked about choosing your friends carefully. Now, if you read my first post and you’ve met Jordan in real life or on social media and you happen to think he’s a nice guy and you could get along with him then I’m not telling you that you can’t be friends. He may prove to be a fantastic, loyal friend in that sense. Additionally, because I don’t know him and because I’ve not heard anyone who does know him say this explicitly, I don’t know whether or not he is a brother in Christ. I am picking up some hints in the secular media. There may be stuff elsewhere. So again, if Jordan is a professing believer, I’m not saying that you should disfellowship him. Continue reading


That Jordan Peterson interview with Cathy Newman again: – Looking For More

In my earlier article I suggested a little caution before people get excited about clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson on the basis of his interview with Cathy Newman. If we want to know whether this guy is a friend/ally we are going to have to do a little more digging. That’ll mean reading his books – I presume a few people have already. Continue reading

Toby Young, Eugenics and Genetic Screening

Whilst we’ve been talking about other things on faithroots.net, one of the big UK controversies has been about a guy called Toby Young who was appointed to the new Office For Students, provoked an outcry, was defended by some senior politicians, tried to stay in post before eventually giving in to the twitter storm and resigning. Continue reading

Deuteronomy, rape, sexual violence and a deeper approach to application

In the last article we had a close look at Deuteronomy 22 but any preacher reading should have been screaming “You’ve only one part of the job.” You see, in the first article we didn’t touch too heavily on application. And yet this is so important. I have been strongly critical of a more liberal approach to Scripture that discourages the deep interaction with the text that it wants to claim. However, my own conservative evangelical constituency can miss out too if we simply look at these texts as apologetic problems and when we see them think purely in terms of “How am I going to explain that one.” Continue reading

Male and Female He created them (3)

So here is an attempt to list some of the characteristics and responsibilities of women described in the Bible. Some of these are shared with men  to whilst some are distinct which I think reflects the Genesis 2 sense of “like/opposite to” Get in touch if you would like to add to the list or comment on any of the suggestions here. Continue reading

Male and Female he Created them (2) Gender, roles and church continued

So, here is the next stage of my thinking out loud.

My gender isn’t something I can chop and change. Who I am in terms of role is firmly tied to who I am physically. I am male. Continue reading

Male and Female He created them

“Why are all the elders in your church male?” This is a question that you will get if you are complementarian.  I have written on what I believe the Bible teaches on male and female relationships in the home and in the church in two e-books available from our publications page: Continue reading