…and why people leave

The previous article gave some data on how people came to us over the past 8 years. The other side of the coin is that people are leaving at different times. Continue reading


But we are not from the UK – A message to non-UK readers about the urban partnership challenge

A considerable number of our readers are not from the UK including the US, Asia, South America and a number of African countries. We appreciate having you come along and read the articles here. You may have read my articles about encouraging urban mission in the UK and thought “I’m not sure how much this has to do with us and what we can do.” Continue reading

Getting Past the Urban Mission Impasse (Part 4) A wider vision for a local church

Bearwood is a fascinating place. It used to be at the hub of the West Midlands bus network and to some extent still is psychologically. It’s right at the centre of the West Midlands conurbation, it’s a meeting point for class, severe deprivation & relative prosperity, ethnicity and culture. Continue reading

Faithroots Live – This Saturday 10th March

Our Faithroots Live event is this Saturday. Join us at 9am for Breakfast. We will start the workshop formerly at 9:30 and finish at 2pm,

Our topic is “How Do you know?”

We will be looking at how we can know truth about God, Creation, Humans and New Creation.

Big questions asked during the day will include: Continue reading

Urban Identity and Class Fragmentation

I’ve been starting to put together some thoughts about urban theology and urban missiology over the past year – and part of my plan for a sabbatical in the summer is to give some more time towards this.[1]

Here I want to put out a few thoughts about class and identity. These are not fully formed thoughts or complete answers but hopefully will help move the conversation forward. Continue reading

How we relate to leaders

We’ve taken time in recent posts to show that leadership is not about hierarchy, inner circles, power or control. Leaders are not to Lord it over the church, nor to rely on their position or charisma to push things through. Church leadership should not be authoritarian.  Leaders and teachers are gifts to the church and so we should focus on being gifts rather than on status and titles (cf Ephesians 4:11). Continue reading

Causing and taking offence – more on the subjective or objective question

In part 1 of this discussion, I argued that offence is first and foremost an objective matter. This does not mean that there isn’t a subjective response (See previous articles on guilt and shame that also touch on the objective and the subjective). It is however about whether we can make an objective judgement about whether a statement or behaviour is objective. Continue reading