Urban Subversive fulfilment – an attempt at an urban missiology in outline

I’m re-posting my outline article on “urban subversive fulfilment.” Just in case you’ve joined us recently, this will give you an idea of where I’ve been spending the last 6 weeks in terms of my sabbatical reading and where my thinking/writing is going over the next 6 as I try and flesh some of this out.


Below is an attempt to sketch out an approach to urban theology and urban missiology. I’m hoping to pick up and flesh out some of these points in more detail. Particularly over the next few weeks I want to talk a little bit more about what I mean by urban theology what it is and what it isn’t and why we need it. The other one is the question the church and its idols.   Feel free to pitch in by sending comments via our contact form. No doubt there’ll be some conversations on Twitter.

Apologies as well in advance that this is essentially a brain dump in note form.

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Manager or Head Coach

I’ve been learning a little about the differences between English and European football culture since Bradford City were taken over by a couple of German businessmen.

English football supporters are used to their teams having a manager. The manager is the focal point of attention. The buck stops with him. Continue reading

Marriage at work

I hope you’ve enjoyed the two articles looking specifically at marriage from a Biblical Theology and Ephesians 5 perspective. Really they are a taster for my more detailed work, Marriage at Work. This was my MTh dissertation and an attempt to think through pastorally and theologically Paul’s teaching on marriage.

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The Two Vital Questions that pro abortion campaigners need to answer

A number of UK politicians and journalists are now pushing hard on the back of the Republic of Ireland’s Abortion referendum to change the law in the UK.

MP Stella Creasy said on twitter

“And now not to leave the million of our own citizens behind without access to their reproductive rights @10DowningStreet? Say
you will give a free vote on 21st century abortion laws and our democracy can
do the rest to show in this day and age we #TrustAllWomen …”[1

She is specifically talking about Northern Ireland where abortion remains a devolved matter and remains illegal.

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Target Cultures, Hostile Environments and Immigration

Amber Rudd resigned on Sunday evening not because of the Windrush Generation scandal (although that created the context for her resignation) rather, it was because she misled the House of Commons over whether or not the Home Office set targets for deportation removals.

Part of the confusion seems to be around different definitions of target.  Now, for as long as I can remember, there has been strong political support for controlling immigration. Not only that, but there has been a long history of setting targets both in government and in private business in order to encourage improvement. Hospitals have been set waiting time targets, manufacturers will have on time delivery targets, schools have targets for % Grades 9-5 (replacing the old A* – C) and individual pupils will have target grades. So, I am inclined to think that the confusion may have been genuine rather than intentional misleading as I’m not sure what Rudd had to gain from this.  Continue reading

Forbidden To Love?

Here is a quote from twitter

“Some people (straight and gay) are called to celibacy. That’s great. But does not mean that all gay people should be celibate. Why would God create someone gay then not allow them to love? There is simply no way that supposition could ever make sense.”[1]

I want to pick up on it because: Continue reading