Here are some free e-books.  If you see something you are interest in, simply click on the link and download your copy.  All publications here are made freely available without charge. We simply ask that you respect copyright laws and Dave Williams’ right to be acknowledged as the author of publications included here.

We also appreciate feedback, questions and comments.  Please feel free to get in touch using the contact form below.

Faithroots – A Pastoral Theology Series

How do you know? The Doctrine of Revelation

How can we make sense of a messy world? How can we find meaning in life? What does it mean to live a good life?  This book brings together our first series of posts as we discover that what we believe affects how we live. That means it is important to be able to distinguish between truth and lies about God. Creation, Humanity and New  Creation. So how can we know truth?  This book seeks to answer that question.

How do you know Study Guide

Who is God? The Doctrine of God

Who is God and what does he have to do with me?  Can God be sovereign without trampling on my free-will? What does it mean to say that God is both good and great? What about atheism?  These and other big questions are tackled as we look at the truth and lies we believe about God. Pastoral application is considered with the help of some true to life case studies covering issues such as work, addiction, marital breakdown, relationships and friendship.


Other Publications by Dave Williams

Wesley and the slave trade

Did you know that John Wesley, the great evangelist and founder of Methodism had a part to play in the abolition of slavery?  This booklet looks at the arguments Wesley made in his “Thoughts Upon the Slave Trade.”

Some people have suggested that the abolitionists had to argue against Scripture in order to justify their position.  So this study is particularly pertinent as we consider how to make decisions about contemporary ethical issues.

Marriage at Work

This is a detailed study of Ephesians 5:21ff.  It looks at Paul’s teaching on husbands and wives and asks if and how we should apply this teaching to marriage today.


Same Sex Marriages

Following  legislation enabling same-sex marriage and civil partnerships in the UK, there has been increased debate within the Church about same-sex relationships and what the Bible teaches about homosexuality.  This paper gives an overview of what the Bible says and the key texts.

Male and Female Leadership and Teaching Roles

What does the Bible say about the role of men and women in church leadership?  What about churches where women are not allowed to speak, lead etc?  Can and should women be elders?

Return of the King A guide to reading and teaching Revelation

This short e-book gives an overview of the book of Revelation asking what type of literature is it? When was it written? and how should we teach it to today’s church.

Deuteronomy – Studies in mission and ethics

A set of  6 group studies introducing the book of Deuteronomy and helping students to think through issues about mission, pastoral care and Christian ethics.  Ideal for groups involved in cross cultural mission.






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