The ActBC Virtual Library

We want to see urban church planters thoroughly equipped for Gospel ministry. This means having access to good reading material. The aim of this page is to bring together a list of useful theological and pastoral resources. This will include links to free online resources including websites, blogs, e-books and journals. It will also include links to where you can source good books – although this will be to purchase rather than to borrow, we will try to find the best prices for you.

Please get in touch with recommendations and sources.

Nb. Inclusion here does not necessarily count as endorsement of or agreement with the views of an author or content of a source cited.  There are occasions when it is helpful for pastors to be acquainted with the views of others.

Biblical Studies and Biblical Theology

Carson, DA & Moo DJ. An Introduction to the New Testament (2nd Edition) Amazon

Goldsworthy, Graeme. The Goldsworthy Trilogy: Gospel and Kingdom, Wisdom and Revelation Amazon  10ofthose

Systematic Theology

Calvin, John. Institutes of the Christian Religion Amazon

Grudem, Wayne. Systematic Theology  10ofthose

Williams, Dave. How do you know? (free) Faithroots Publications

Williams, Dave. Who is God? (free) Faithroots Publications

Church History

Frame, John. A History of Western Philosophy and Theology. Amazon

Noll, Mark A. Turning Points: Decisive Moments in the history of Christianity. Amazon



Frame, John. Apologetics to the Glory of God (2012). Amazon

Pastoral Theology and Counselling

Tripp, Paul David. How do People Change? 10ofThose Amazon

Baxter, Richard. The Reformed Pastor. 10ofThose Banner of Truth


Bavinck, JH. An Introduction to the Science of Missions. Amazon

Piper, John. Let the Nations Be Glad (201o) Amazon

Church Leadership 

Chester, Tim. Total Church. 10ofThose

Bible study Tools

E-Sword – a free to download software tool providing variety of Bible translations, Greek and Hebrew, commentaries including Matthew Henry, Geneva and Wesley, Lexicons, concordances and maps.