Church Planting Maths

One of the great encouragements of Gospel work in the West Midlands has been the 2020 Birmingham partnership.  2020 Birmingham set out in 2010 with the aim of planting 20 churches by 2020. As a church with a small building but a large heart to reach the community around us, we’ve found the advice, support and encouragement of our 2020 partners a big help. Continue reading

How we are encouraging Church Planting

Regular visitors to this site will know that Bearwood Chapel[1] has a desire to see lots of new churches planted across Sandwell, The Black Country and West Birmingham. Continue reading

Be Part of Something (1)


It’s mid-August and a lot of people are starting to plan moves. Some have just got A- Level results and are off to University, others are looking at getting their first (or a new) job and will move to a new town or city (even Country) to start work.

What sorts of things will you be thinking about as you prepare to move? I guess key things will include where you are going to live, things you need to buy, budgets, transport etc. 

If you are a Christian, then I would like to encourage you to make finding a local church to be part of your top priority. Continue reading

Vital Signs -Planting and Growing Healthy Churches

Facebook-Square-Vital-SignsOne of the highlights of our year is the 2020 Birmingham annual day conference.  This year should be an exceptional treat as the conference will be addressing the question “How do we plant and grow healthy churches.”  The day should be of interest not just to those who are specifically engaged in church planting but for anyone who is concerned to see healthy, gospel centred churches thriving across our cities.

This year 2020 have invited Ray Evans from Grace Community Church, Bedford as the main speaker. Ray has more than 30 years experience as a pastor and Grace Community Church have been involved in a number of church plants. He will deal with two important questions.

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The challenges of Multiple Congregations (Multiple Congregations 5)

Multiple Congregations 1, Multiple Congregations 2, Multiple Congregations 3 Multiple Congregations 4

It’s not easy to plant new congregations, even within the same building, keeping the same overall leadership. Here are some of the challenges we faced

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Multiple Congregations not Multiple Services (Multiple congregations 3)

Multiple Congregations Part 1, Multiple Congregations Part 2

Right from the start, we said that we were planting congregations not simply splitting our service into two services. Why did we say this? Continue reading