Power, sex, abuse and the local church

On Sunday I stated that the church should not be a place where people are made vulnerable because of harassment and abuse from others (often though not exclusively men) who use power to manipulate and control for their own personal gratification. Continue reading


Standing up to bullies

How do you deal with bullies in the church, workplace, community, even in your own family? Continue reading

The Bruised Reed means …(5) Restoration for those damaged by false teaching and spiritual abuse

We started by talking about recovery for the abused. Sadly, not only do we see victims of physical, sexual and emotional abuse but we also see a lot of victims of spiritual abuse. This happens when religious leaders use their authority position to control and manipulate. Continue reading

The Bruised Reed means… (1) Recovery for the abused

Some of us will identify with Isaiah’s description of “a bruised reed.” Reeds were useful for all sorts of things including making rope, sandals, baskets etc. but a reed that was bruised was weakened and damaged, likely to snap with the potential to cut and harm the person holding it. Continue reading

Everlasting Light

“Yet in the dark street shineth is everlasting light,

the hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight.”

These are powerful words taken from the carol “O Little Town of Bethlehem.”  Why is “light” such a strong theme in our Christmas carols? Continue reading