Jordan Peterson “We often get the question wrong”

You can watch a video of a panel discussion with Rebecca Goldstein, Jordan Peterson and William Lane Craig on “Does Life have meaning?” here. The whole video is worth watching.

I just want to highlight here on a fantastically telling quote from Jordan Peterson here:[1] Continue reading


Creation Evangelism and Apologetics

I want to say a few words now about how our Doctrine of Creation and the Fall affects our approach to Apologetics.

Creation reveals God and leaves us without excuse

This theme is picked up particularly by the Apostle Paul in Acts 14, Acts 17 and Romans 1. In Acts 14, Paul and Barnabas pray for a man to be healed and in response to this miracle, the locals are about to worship them as gods. Continue reading

When you think you are winning …

So, here’s the thing.  A few people saw this interview Jordan Peterson interview and began highlighting it as a great example of how to do battle with hostile, sceptical people who misunderstand you, sometimes wilfully.

I watched the interview and my reaction was. Continue reading

David’s judgement and the difficult matter of a child’s death

When David committed adultery with Bathsheba and had her husband murdered, he thought he had got away with it but God saw and God was not pleased. In 2 Samuel 12, God sends the prophet Nathan to pronounce judgement. David repents (you can read his confession in Psalm 51).  God forgives David, his life is spared. However, he is told:

“You won’t die for this sin.  Nevertheless, because you have shown utter contempt for the word of the Lord by doing this, your child will die.”[1] Continue reading

Challenging Evolution

The case for evolution is based on looking at the data and evidence provided within the Universe. The argument is that what we observe about the age of the earth, solar system and galaxies, along with the patterns we can observe in the fossil record, point to gradual evolution over time.

However, it is worth remembering that this case is based on one interpretation of the data presented. Others have taken time to look at the data and to challenge the case for evolution. The basis for the challenge is that the data is not always consistent with evolutionary theory and that another narrative, such as Biblical Creation, may provide a better fit with the evidence.

We can identify the following challenges to evolutionary theory. Continue reading

Challengers to Creation (Part 2) – The Challenge of Evolution

We’ve looked at some of the ancient myths about the origin of the Universe. Now it’s time to come to the contemporary rival for creation: evolution.

Note that there have been significant attempts to harmonise the evolution narrative with the Biblical one, just as there have been serious attempts among scholars to harmonise ancient myths with the Bible too. As part of our consideration of this question, we will be asking whether or not it is possible to find common ground between Creation and Evolution. But first of all, let’s have a look at what the theory of evolution is and the case for it. Continue reading

Healing the blind -a question of timing and location

Jesus is travelling through Jericho and as he is coming out of the city, two blind men cry out to him and ask him to heal them. Continue reading