The Word Became Flesh our next Faithroots Live event

Our next Faithroots Live day is on Saturday 19th May. The day will run from 9:30am -2pm with tea and coffee provided. There’ll be a lunch break so please bring a packed lunch. We are also providing breakfast for those who book in and request it (please use the contact form below).

 The Theme is “The Word Became Flesh”

 Our focus will be on John’s Gospel and we will be thinking about the Doctrine of the Trinity and what it means to call God “Father” and to say that Jesus is “God the Son.” This area of faith is so important for two reasons. First because it is where we are often challenged by other faiths and which we can find difficult. Secondly because it is central and foundational to what we believe about God and should be a great source of encouragement and a prompt for awe and worship. Continue reading


The Father and the Son – navigating a minefield in the Eternal Subordination debate

Here are some of the specific challenges that those negotiating the debate about how The Son relates to the Father have to negotiate: Continue reading

Does the Son submit to the Father … or are people who say that heretics?

I was going to write something about this earlier in the year but didn’t because events overtook. My intention was to review Mike Ovey’s book “Your will be done” which was published shortly before his untimely death earlier this year. Continue reading