#HomeForChristmas Mary’s story

Ask most people to tell you the Nativity story and they’ll start with the Angel Gabriel appearing to Mary.

In Luke 1:30, we have Gabriel’s greeting:

30 “Don’t be afraid, Mary,” the angel told her, “for you have found favour with God!”

Over the centuries that has been a tendency to venerate Mary and put her on a high pedestal, in some traditions even to pray through her and in effect worship her.  I think there are two reasons for this. Continue reading


Home for Christmas



This year our carol services and Christmas events will be picking up the theme “Home for Christmas” (cue Chris Rea and Cliff Richard backing tracks).

The theme picks up on four threads: Continue reading

As Parliament Debates


We met for prayer and communion this morning. Just a few of us. It probably looked and seemed so small and insignificant compared to what is happening in Parliament today. But it wasn’t insignificant because we were praying. Continue reading

The Mystery of Love

Three girls are opening their Christmas presents.  They all have an identical sized and wrapped present from the same family friend. There are Shrieks of joy as they tear off the wrapping paper at the same time to reveal expensive hair products. Then joy quickly turns to shrieks of horror and offence as at the same time they read the labels. Continue reading

Silent Night -Sleep in heavenly peace

“Sleep in heavenly peace”

This seems to be such quaint expression. It conjures up images of the cute little baby. Heavenly peace suggests an ‘awww moment.’ We can almost imagine the shepherds queuing up for a selfie with the baby in the manger. Continue reading