Still not learning and still not repenting

The Church of England has announced it is providing £2.6 million to help revitalise church life in Newcastle. That’s right £2.6 million pound. That’s enough to pay for the salaries and building hire of 13 church plants over a 5 year period. Think of the difference this investment could make if the C of E were to partner with Oak Hill Theological College and Acts 29 to get 13 church leaders onto some of the neediest estates in the North East of England. Continue reading


Real Prayer is Controversial

Prayer is in the news and it’s controversial. The Church of England have created an advert to promote their new website campaign #JustPray. They hoped that an advert featuring the Lord’s Prayer would be shown in cinemas before screenings of the new Star Wars film. Problem, the cinemas refused to show the advert in case it caused offence. Continue reading