Churches and Church plants, Pastors and Church Planters – what’s in a name?

Stephen Kneale has been writing about church planting and specifically about “church planters.” He’s been asking whether it is right to refer to people as “church planters.” His argument is that you are either a pastor who has a congregation to pastor or youu are someone who could be a pastor if and when you have a congregation. His main issue is with people describing themselves as church planters and their churches as church plants years after they planted. Continue reading


Discerning a Calling – Raising up new leaders

Our “Discerning a Calling” series of articles have mainly focused on the individual considering whether or not to pursue a particular calling. However, there’s also something to be said about our responsibility as church leaders to proactively watch out for people and encourage them to grow in their gifts. Indeed that’s where the primary responsibility lies.[1] Continue reading

Why you should Plant with us

The Black Country needs church planters.

Every so often  I put a little appeal out here. It’s for people to consider getting involved in church planting. I’m a big supporter of church planting in general, where ever there is a need. In fact, I would go so far as to say that there is pretty much always a need. Even if every existing churches in our area  was preaching the Gospel and full, there would still be lots of people who would need to hear the Gospel. However, I particularly want to encourage you to consider church planting in three Sandwell, Black Country and West Birmingham area. Continue reading

Announcement – A new partnership for training Gospel workers and urban church planters



One of our desires as a church has been to encourage church planting and revitalisation across Sandwell, The Black Country and West Birmingham. Church planting means that we are going to need church planters …lots of them. And that means that those planters are going to need to be trained and equipped so they can handle God’s Word well as they seek to evangelise, teach and care for a growing church community. Continue reading

Discerning a Calling 6: Keeping your calling fresh

So, you’ve been through all the questions, discussion and soul searching. Your church agree that it’s right to set you apart for ministry. You head off to Bible College, complete a course then get stuck into church planting, pastoral work or cross cultural mission.  And that’s that isn’t it? You are called for life! Continue reading

Discerning a Calling (5) – Looking forward, what next

So, you’ve talked with the elders, family, other church members and there’s agreement that things should progress a bit further.  What might the next steps look like?

Really at this stage we’ve just agreed that something seems right. We’ve not talked about how it might happen.

I want to suggest a few possibilities Continue reading

Discerning a Calling (4) When the answer is no

One of the questions we included on the list of things to ask yourself was “What if the answer is no?” By this, I don’t mean that you apply for a particular job and get turned down. I’m specifically talking about when you are considering a course of direction -maybe to get involved in cross cultural mission or go into full time pastoral work and you seek the guidance of your church leaders and they say “I don’t think so.” Continue reading