Does Scripture need the church?

Ian Paul has shared a conversation he had on Twitter about Scripture and tradition here

The question about the relationship between tradition and Scripture is important for Evangelicals to be aware about. We after all talk about relying on Scripture alone. However other Christians argue that we should rely on a variety of authorities including Tradition, Experience and Reason. I have written about this in ” Wesley on the Slave Trade” which is available from our publications page. Continue reading


Do I have to choose? Both and v either or

You have got two – or even three – different urgent priorities. All are important, all are worth doing. Which do you choose?

Common wisdom says you have to prioritise. However,  there is a good argument for doing all of them. Why do I say that?  Continue reading

Power, sex, abuse and the local church

On Sunday I stated that the church should not be a place where people are made vulnerable because of harassment and abuse from others (often though not exclusively men) who use power to manipulate and control for their own personal gratification. Continue reading

What is the church?

In his book “Sojourners and Strangers” Gregg Allison argues that before we describe The Church “functionally” (what it is there to do), we need to describe it “ontologically” (what it is).

I wonder

1.       How we would describe what the church is?”

2.       How this might affect our approach to church life? Continue reading

What should we be doing? The mission of the church

This is first of all some follow on notes from discussions durning our Union Learning Community module on Church and Mission and secondly something for those of you who hqve read Chris Wright’s The Mission of God and Gilbert and DeYoung’s The Mission of the Church and stil thinking ” What should we be doing?” It also folows on from my talk at the Union Conference on ” Blessing the Church.” Continue reading

What Kind of Church? – A humble Church (1 Corinthians 1:18-31)

How the mighty are fallen.  Those rich and powerful Premier League football teams have been outmanoeuvred and outplayed. Who’d have thought that a team costing just £50 million – the sort of money the big boys pay for one player these days could win the title.  Well done, Leicester City. It’s almost as good as a humble League 2 team that cost £7,500 getting to the League Cup final! Continue reading

Did Jesus design the Church?

I’m just fleshing out some thoughts made in two quick twitter responses to an observation made by another twitter user (I feel the question is worth more than 280 characters). The other person had been invited to a conference called “The church as Jesus designed it.” And their response …”I’m not the best Bible scholar but I’m pretty sure he never did that.”[1] Continue reading